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Bloom: Available for Free!

Updated: May 13, 2021

Happy New Year! It's 2021 now, and that sounds to me like the perfect time for a fresh start. We've worked hard nurturing our new map Bloom, which is available now for FREE on the Minecraft Marketplace— the final part of the delightful Minecraft Community Celebration. Bloom is our attempt at the ultimate peaceful, stress-smashing experience. Relax and let yourself get lost in a Minecraft world for just you, your plants and your friends. If you have no friends, the plants can be your friend! That's cool too.

Conveniently for the structure of this blog, Bloom can be broken down into three grammatically-satisfying categories; Exploration, Cultivation and Decoration. Let's check them each out.


You're the newly-appointed groundskeeper for an abandoned estate, a place with a rich and mysterious history. Beyond the walls of your cozy home are twisting gardens; filled with wild plants, ancient architecture, and forgotten secrets.

As you explore, learn about the history of the land, from the primordial energy flowing below to the last Queen who harnessed magic from plants. Some of her magical mechanisms are waiting for you to rediscover them.

Bloom was built using the latest Minecraft technology. We have slopes, we have vertical slabs, we have fancy windows and— just look at all these plants!

We worked super hard to give Bloom a whole new dimension, and coated every inch of the hand-built world with a delightful level of detail; from the Sunshade Glade to the Arcane Hollow and every block in between.

I hope you enjoy exploring your new garden paradise.


At the center of our cornucopia of content lies Bloom's beautiful assortment of flowers. These custom plants don't work like any other blocks in the game— they need to be looked after correctly to grow to their full potential. Use a stylish range of tools, including a watering can, trowel and mattock, to maintain your garden, keeping your plants proudly photosynthesizing. Each new tool you find has a number of uses, and some will let you snip, slash or smash your way into new parts of the garden.

While you're tidying up the terrain, you may find rare plants to add to your collection. Maybe you should start a little scrapbook of the things that you discover, like mine! Here's are some of my favorite pages:


When you first move in, you'll find your house pretty small and sparsely furnished. You can collect clutter from the grounds around you and craft it into decorations and upgrades for your house.

Craft with wood, metal, stone and twine to climb a chain of brand-new recipes, and then furnish your home and garden. Handcrafting your dream home is no easy task, but you can look proudly at the products you've built. I hope you enjoy letting your creativity bloom.

There are also several places around the world in need of some love. Use your resources to repair and upgrade the abandoned structures and let them teach you about the world you now inhabit.

Well, that's about everything I can share without veering off into the winding forest of spoilers. You'll need some secrets to uncover yourself, after all! Bloom is available right this second from the Minecraft Marketplace, where it will live for free, forever. We hope that you like it, and have a beautiful day.


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