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Reflecting on Pride Month with Gamemode One 🌈

As June officially rolls into July, Pride Month comes to a close. Now more than ever is it the time to reflect on the significance of this event, where the 2SLGBTQIA+* community and allies celebrate progress, acknowledge ongoing challenges, and honor diverse identities.

Pride Month is a powerful reminder of the resilience, strength, and love that fuel the omnipresent fight for equality across countries, communities, and industries. As members of the game development industry, we see an opportunity to uplift ourselves and others by upholding the values that Pride instills, all year round. Using our platform, we aim to amplify the voices of our 2SLGBTQIA+ employees. In this spirit, we have invited members of our team to share their reflections on Pride Month and inclusivity in the gaming industry.

🫂 Andrea Smith, HR & Office Administrator

🏳️‍🌈During Pride, I focus on listening, learning, and supporting others when I can! Video games were some of the first places I saw queer relationships and felt seen; I want to make sure others feel the same way. The games industry still has work to do, but being able to come as my authentic self to work brings me a lot of internal peace, no matter what is going on around me. As someone who works in HR, is it key that I make sure others feel the same way, whether it be at a pre-screening or a ping-pong tournament in the office.

⚙️ Tian Figg, Executive Producer

Being queer and in a leadership role allows me to understand and be sensitive to our people's needs. We actively search for opportunities to create a safe and comfortable environment for all, which I'm very proud of 💖 I grew up in gaming environments that didn't feel safe, where someone's queerness was used as a weapon against them. Now, seeing the diverse representation throughout successful games - from A to AAA - and the ongoing resilience of studios and developers to stick by their representation, I'm continuously inspired. I have continued hope that the industry can be a safe and sustainable place for all! Each studio, developer and player plays a part, and I am excited to continue working towards that future together! 🏳️‍🌈

🌐 Chinara Adhofer, General Manager

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈 I am so lucky to work alongside such a welcoming rainbow of coworkers, and to release our games to such a supportive and diverse community of players. The inherent creativity and inclusivity of Minecraft says that you can make anything, and you can be anything. And that is such a rallying cry that attracts players and developers of all identities and orientations! 💖 We all deserve to have workplaces where we can be our true selves, and to play games where we feel safe and represented. I’m proud that this is true for Gamemode One, and hope that Pride Month every year can reignite this goal for all ☀️ 🌈

Putting together this reflection itself is just one drop in the bucket towards amplifying 2SLGBTQIA+ voices in our industry but, echoing the sentiments above, we have hope for a bright future. Andrea’s commitment to ensuring that everyone feels seen and supported, Tian’s dedication to fostering a safe environment and advocating for representation, and Chinara’s celebration of creativity and inclusivity all highlight the positive strides we’re making. These values not only shape our games, but also define our culture within the broader games industry.

As we move forward, we are dedicated to carrying the spirit of Pride with us through the year, continuously working to uplift and empower every member of our community. As members of the game industry, we want to uphold a culture where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity is the norm, and everyone can thrive as their true selves.

Happy Pride, this month and every month. 🌈🎮


Resources to take with you:

* 2SLGBTQIA+ is the acronym recognized by the Canadian queer community. 2S sits significantly at the front to recognize the Two-Spirit people as the first 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.


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