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Our Team

These are the standards we always strive for. If these resonate with you and you are interested in working with us, please apply!

Care Deeply

You Care Deeply about the company’s success.

  • You always aim to act in the best interest of the business and of our players.

  • You care about your colleagues' success and growth.

  • Wherever possible, you seek ways to better those around you.



You model Integrity and sincerity.

  • You always share relevant information and aim to do the right thing, even when it is uncomfortable.

  • You debate ideas openly and are willing to support whichever decision is made even when you disagree.

  • You place confidence in your colleague's abilities and hold them accountable to the same standards you hold yourself.


You are Inquisitive and learn eagerly.

  • You are mindful of what you do not know, and seek diverse perspectives to broaden your horizons.

  • In the presence of new information, you are attentive to your learning.

  • You are curious about our players.


You demonstrate good Judgement.

  • You strive to understand your bias and to inform your actions with data and context.

  • You separate ego from your decisions, letting them stand on their own.

  • You evaluate decisions by their value to the business and weigh long-term impact over short-term.


You are Courageous and bold.

  • You do not mask your weaknesses, but rather wear them openly with vulnerability.

  • You realise the potential from your failures and share your learnings widely.

  • You practice radical candor with everyone, regardless of position.

  • You maintain a level head in stressful situations and face the challenge bravely.


You are Adaptable and flexible.

  • You hold strong opinions loosely, and challenge prevailing assumptions with better approaches.

  • At every opportunity, you strive to remove unnecessary complexity; You value lean processes.

  • You thrive in a constantly evolving organisation and shape our trajectory for the better.

We offer a relaxed and welcoming virtual and in-person workplace, with stable employment history and opportunities for advancement. We strive for a diverse workplace and look forward to meeting potential new members of our team!

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