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Ultimate Dragons is here!

Updated: May 13, 2021


For aeons, the Brightburn Santuary has sealed away an ultimate evil; the primordial beast, Ragnar. But soon the magic will falter and he will emerge-- and the world will be doomed.

Ultimate Dragons is our largest project to date. It is the cumulation of two years of effort and passion by the Gamemode One team. We hope to bring an experience unlike any other to the Minecraft Marketplace, with a scope and quality that compares to games from the wider world beyond. This blog will serve to introduce you to Ultimate Dragons, but really it only scratches the surface. So without further ado, let us dive into the ocean of content and explore what this game has to offer.

The Dragons

You are the Brightbound; the legendary hero who has the unique ability to bond with dragons. In order to defeat Ragnar you'll need all the help you can get, so raise and train dragons to fight alongside you!

There are a whole lot of different dragons to befriend, each with their own stats and abilities. Feed them foods that they like, spend time with them and soon you shall become steadfast friends.

Wild dragons are less friendly, however. They've succumbed to Ragnar's dark influence, and will attack anything they see. You'll have to be brave and bold to fend back against these mighty beasts.

Every dragon has different special abilities, from the electrifyingly terrifying Stormsnake's lighting to the poisonous belch of the Puffpodge. Once you've raised a dragon to adulthood you'll be able to unleash these attacks upon your enemies-- MWAHAH! WHERE'S MY MONEY SIGMUND? I WILL MAKE YOU PAY--

Oh. Yes. Anyway, your dragons will always stick by your side and fight alongside you! I know you're not meant to pick a favourite child but... here are a few of my dragon friends that I'd like to highlight. I'll even have Freida Blackthorn, Aardeholm's self-appointed dragon expert weigh in.


Diet: Herbivore

Health: Resilient

Speed: Sluggish

Rarity: Common

Torsnappers live in grassy open plains. They're cute, friendly and much more concerned about defense than offence. They are known to roll in the dirt to stay cool, giving flowers a new home on their backs.

During their Shell Smash attack, they spin rapidly, attacking enemies in all directions. It's useful to keep your enemies at a distance. Their friends, however, they'll happily play with. Approach freely and give pats.

Freida Says: Have you ever heard that slow and steady wins the race? Well, I saw a Torsnapper and a Critclaw racing in the wild once. The Critclaw was doing laps around the poor Torsnapper, it didn't stand a chance! The Torsnapper spent most of her time playing with flowers and napping in her shell, though. It looked like she was having more fun.


Diet: Herbivore

Health: Formidable

Speed: Slow

Rarity: Rare

Cloakroakers are fast, friendly and extremely adaptable. They're known for being lazy, spending their days eating berries and resting in the meadows. They're not as defenceless as they like to pretend, however. Their special ability Snipe lets them shoot a small but highly-targeted ball of magic.

This one here? I crafted my Cloakroaker some fancy dragon armor! The blacksmith in Aardeholm, Gris, will be happy to whip you up a bespoke set of your own.

Freida Says: Cloakroakers are funny! This one time we were out on a hike and one of those little guys followed us for miles and miles. Dad said that I should stop feeding it, I was encouraging it, but it's not my fault the berries kept slipping out of my hand! After a while Hilda got mad and threw sticks at him until he went away, though.


Diet: Herbivore

Health: Formidable

Speed: Slow

Rarity: Rare

The shell on the Steamwyrm's back contains an extremely hot gas, which it uses to launch spikey projectiles at explosive speeds. To stay warm, they're often seen bathing in lava. They hate humans and have a fierce temper. Do not approach.

Freida Says: I'm not scared of many dragons, but the Steamwyrm is at the top of my "do not pet" list. Because, well, firstly, they'd probably explode you before you get close enough. And secondly, touching it would probably melt your hand off. Yeah... no thanks. I like having hands. Hands are nice.

There are many other dragons to fight, befriend and ride in Ultimate Dragons. Beyond that, some dragons have different forms, and every dragon has a rare shiny version.

The World

This world is huge and packed with things to discover. Dozens of different regions to delve into, exploring the terrain, finding secrets and meeting characters. From the freezing peaks of the Glacial Pass in the west, to the desolate land around Mount Eruptus to the east.

Between the two is the town of Aardeholm, where people live under the constant threat of dragonfire. They've been the most successful settlement at adapting to the chaos of dragons thanks to their wise Jarl, Ivar Blackthorn. But under Aardeholm tradition he is set to retire soon, and must choose which daughter should succeed him.

This is quite the decision, because Ivar's two eldest couldn't be more different.

Hilda has a fierce hatred for dragons, having grown up through all of the chaos they've caused, she started the Guild of Slayers in order to deliver vindication. She cares little for prophecy and the so-called hero, the Brightbound. Hilda believes that one must seize their own destiny and take bold action to secure Aardeholm's future.

Ingrid grew up around dragons-- quite literally! Before she was adopted by Ivar, she was raised in the wild by a friendly group of dragons. To pay it forward, she founded the Guild of Wardens to protect all dragons. She fears the prophesied coming of Ragnar and prays for the day that the Brightbound will come and save them.

Whose side do you take? Pick a side, and determine the future of Aardeholm. The Slayer vs Warden debacle has caused quite the rift here at Gamemode One, too. If Kanno takes to our community discord server to defend dragonslaying one more time I am going to LOSE IT. STAY AWAY FROM MY TORSNAPPER, KANNO.

The Prophecy

Ok, at last we can complete the cyclical nature of this blog and get back to that thing I mentioned in the beginning.

Thousands of years ago, the legendary Brightbound sealed away Ragnar-- the incarnation of evil and chaos in this world. But the prophecy states that Ragnar will return, and the world will be plunged into darkness once more. Already wild dragons are showing signs, Ragnar will be upon us soon.

So is the world doomed? Well, the prophecy doesn't end there. The Brightbound shall be reborn and, with aid from the four Elder Dragons, the world has a chance.

Reformed upon sand and sea,

Gifted life by the star tree

The Brightbound shall ride by Odin's grace

And the four great Elders they will face

Upon the Shelf lives the Earthen one

Keeper of memories of days long gone

The Shimmerscale's hunted by human treachery

With passion and power they resist their destiny

The coldhearted Rimeskull's not easily swayed

Despite the gathering darkness they are not afraid

The Netherdrake's anger is brought to boil

Fear's broken a spirit that was noble and loyal

And even now their rage burns

Because Ragnar has returned.

Will you rise to the challenge? Will you prove yourself to be the ultimate dragon master? Well Ultimate Dragons is out now on the Minecraft Marketplace! I hope you and your dragon friends have a great ol' time.


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