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Superheroes: Out Now!

Updated: May 13, 2021

What's that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's— wait... actually... oh... it is a bird. My bad. But do you know what isn't a bird? Our brand new Minecraft Marketplace map, Superheroes!

Life in Crest City was pretty fine and funky, safety assured by the city's famous Superhero Initiative. Not even the vilest villain is a match for their ludicrous leader, Sir Improbable; He can't do the impossible, that would be silly, but he can certainly do the improbable, or so his bumper sticker would have you believe.

But wait... what's this? A new threat has risen, and it's, like, super bad. The malevolent Mind Controller has brainwashed the world's superheroes, and they're causing chaos all over the city! The chances of saving the world are beyond improbable; they're probably at least extremely unlikely, maybe even decidedly implausible. Not impossible, though. There's still one hope.

The friendly neighbourhood all-seeing megacorporation Sentinel Technotronics have been working on the perfect solution for a situation like this. Robotech has come a really long way, and an android doesn't have a mind to be corrupted. It won't be easy though...

It will have to be smart.

And strong.

And have a heart.

And embody the superhero.

So what are you waiting for? Get off the assembly line, jump into a super-powered suit and defeat the dastardly Mind Controller and his legion of brainwashed superheroes and save the city!

Alright, time for the part with the superpowers. The resoundingly responsible Sir Improbable is willing to lend you access to his vintage collection of powersuits. It's up to you to decide how to blast into battle:

The Tempest Suit

  1. Don't have time to catch the train? Fly through the sky like a lightning bolt and arrive fashionably flashy every time.

  2. Attack your enemies with your Lightning Striker to invoke lethal lightning from the sky above. Zap!

  3. When the ultimate ability is fully charged, you can unleash a blistering blast of energy upon all nearby enemies.

The Titan Suit

  1. Launch yourself into the sky, glide through the air before crash-landing with a bang.

  2. Attack your tactless foes with your Titanic Fist to fling them around with your powerful punches.

  3. When the ultimate ability is fully charged, catapult yourself into orbit, creating an earth-shattering shockwave when you crash down to earth.

The Cortex Suit

  1. Anyone who stares into your eyes will know nothing but fear and confusion. It makes dating very awkward.

  2. Shoot telekinetic waves using your Control Orb and teleport to them afterwards, or throw 'em at enemies to cause damage.

  3. When the ultimate ability is fully charged, turn your foes against each other and laugh as the villains do the hero-ing for you.

The Blizzard Suit

  1. Your frosty disposition slows and disheartens any foe who gets too close.

  2. The signature Blizz Blast can be used to construct delicious bridges of ice wherever you want. Or throw them at an enemy to give them a snappy surprise.

  3. When the ultimate ability is fully charged, hug all the enemies around you with terrifyingly sharp spikes of ice and ouchiness.

The Fireband Suit

  1. Harness the fire inside you to—

Wait. What's this? It would seem the pesky past-hero, Flamedash, has nabbed this suit for himself. You'll have to fight him at the pier if you want it.

Wow. These superpowers seem super-overpowered, don't they? Well don't be so sure, buddy, the bad guys don't exactly run at you with a wooden sword. Let's take a look at one of these meanies, and you can meet the other foes when you play the map.


Down in the depths, you will find Necrotia's terrifying lair. The sewers have been her home for so long she's forgotten what the outside world looks like. She does not take kindly to intruders and greets her guests with acid and anger. She has slowly been decaying down there, losing whatever humanity she once had. But where did this thing come from?

Well luckily, all characters in Superheroes have backstories to discover. If you dig deep enough you will find out who the Mind Controller really is, and what's going on behind the curtain. The lore runs deep with this one.

Or maybe you'd rather just attack, explode and dash, fling then smash, freeze, burn, or zap, jump high, float by, defeat the bad guy and become the best darn superhero the city has ever seen, man or machine, no matter how improbable that may seem.

Thank you for reading, have an excellent day!

"Super" count - 14.


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