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Seaside Story: Available for Free!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


Hear that?

I can hear... the ocean? Calm, lapping waves.

And maybe, like, a puppy barking?

Well, those are the sounds of our latest Minecraft map, Seaside Story! Grab your fishing rod, hop onto a boat and set sail! Seaside Story was designed especially for players on mobile, but you can enjoy it on any platform, and it's free! Wow, that's a great price. Start your fishing adventure on the Minecraft Marketplace.

So You've Woken Up On An Island...

There was a stormy night and plans went awry. A paw nudges you awake. You find yourself on a small, fog-bound island, near a lonely lighthouse that was struck by a stray bolt of lightning. A magical talking fish-dog (who is a Mercorgi, a fact you quickly accept) explains that, here, in Lum Lum Bay, fishing is their way of life. The magic in the water results in their being plentiful schools of wonderful fish. If you get fishing, you'll have enough Sand Dollars to repair the lighthouse in no time!

Get Hooked on Fierce Fishing Gameplay

We've overhauled the vanilla fishing experience and spiced things up! After casting your rod, you'll need to react quickly to hook one of dozens of fish, and lean into the ebbs and flows of the battle as it fights against your line. Some fish primarily eat other fish, so you'll have to "chain" catches together to get the juiciest rewards!

Your boat, the humble Nessie, is fully customizable and upgradeable. Need more storage or something to light up the darkness? Hit up the boathouse and splash your Sand Dollars to create the shippiest ship-shaped ship.

(Also you can walk around on the deck of the boat. It's really cool and I am very proud of it.)

In the depths of the ocean, there are a number of underwater biomes for you to explore! See this place? This is the Aquatic Jungle! Put on your diving suit and cut your way through the tangling seagrass, in search of new types of fish and crabs. There are mysterious ruins here, perhaps those hieroglyphs mean something important?

There are also some extra spooky special fish swimming somewhere in the depths of the ocean... Can you catch them all?

Meet Captain Blobert at Port Starboard!

Welcome to the sandy town of Port Starboard! Here you'll be able to purchase all sorts of gear to aid you on your fishing journey. You'll also get to speak to the delightful residents, learn about their fishing adventures, and the world around you.

If you speak to Coraline, you can give her the junk you find floating around and construct a wonderful statue. You can also donate the fish you catch to Hortence's aquarium in exchange for a generous tip.

And of course, if you're used to our games, you might smell something fishy and expect the world to be sardine-packed with secrets! And you, of course, are right! From the caves to the town to the seafloor, there are always secrets lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered.

I hope you enjoy Seaside Story, which is available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace!


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