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PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!

Updated: May 13, 2021

Forty years ago a certain hungry yellow circle waka-wakaed his way into our hearts. Much more recently we were given the incredible opportunity to officially adapt the legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN into Minecraft!

We weren't going to let a chance like this ghost by, so we crammed Minecraft PAC-MAN with tons of awesome features. Chase and run through the maze we all know and love, and master it along with nine newly crafted blocky mazes.

And behold! The Experience Energizer Extractor will keep track of your lifetime score. Score big points to unlock delicious new power-ups, like the Sizzling Storm or the Terrifying TNT. Wow, defeating ghosts has never been so fun! Of course, you'll always have your friendly Pac-Axe (it's like a pickaxe but friendlier) to make fools outta pesky walls.

Creatively inclined ghost-munchers might wanna check out the MAZE EDITOR, where you can build and play your own levels! We hope you have fun, and build some a-mazeing stuff!

Found a key in the maze? Take it into PAC-MAN WORLD, munch your way through city streets, and reunite with old friends! There's a bunch of PAC-MAN pals who you can unlock as playable characters.

Just like in the original PAC-MAN, each of the spoopy ghosts has their own personality.

Also known as "Shadow", the red ghost Blinky likes to get straight to the point. Get used to having him chasing you, and right on your trail.

Also known as "Speed", Pinky can be pretty mischievous. She'll try to flank PAC-MAN and cut you off. Be careful and watch where you're going!

Also known as "Bashful", Inky likes to fill the gap where no other ghost is. Be careful he doesn't sneak up on you!

Also known as "Pokey", Clyde's pretty shy. He'll chase PAC-MAN, sure, but he'll avoid getting too close.

Wait, who's this? Meet our explosive new friend, Creepy! He'll sneak in when the level is halfway completed to introduce some additional chaos. Don't get too close, or he'll KABOOM, destroying blocks around him, and potentially your unfortunate self. Creepy was our chance to shake up the game, and sprinkle in a bit more Minecrafty goodness.


How to WAKA WAKA Your Way to the Top!

The almighty Experience Energizer Extractor towers all the way up to 1,000,000 points, for anyone bold enough to set their sights there. It's no small feat and will take an expert waka waka-er to reach it. Because I'm so kind, here are our top five tips to mastering Minecraft PAC-MAN:

#5 Trust the Retro Reflection

PAC-MAN is all about knowing where the ghosties are so that you can plan ahead. If you cast your eyes to the skies you'll find a map of the maze below! You can also hold sneak for a quick peek. Don't let them ghosts corner you!

#4 Preserve Your Power Pellets

Most mazes have four Power Pellets (although nastier mazes have less), but don't spend them all in one place! Towards the end of the levels, things can get pretty intense, so it can be imperative to have a power pellet lying around. Just make sure to take a coffee break after all that munching, ok?

#3 Maximize Points

There are lots of ways to max-out your point-count. Here's just a few:

  • Each level you clear adds 1 to your score multiplier.

  • For a short time after eating fruit, you'll score double points!

  • Eat lots of ghosts consecutively to score more and more points.

  • Some walls contain Pac-ore! Mine it quickly for a bonus 1000 points.

Not only that, but you can do these all at once! The sneakiest of PAC-MAN players could score more than 10,000 points all in one go!

#2 You can Mine!

Your Pac-axe isn't just extremely friendly, you can also use it to break blocks! Generally speaking, the more intersections there are, the easier things will get. Make sure to use your Pac-axe (or more explosive methods) to open up space to escape!

#1 Have the Power Match the Place

Each maze is different, and each power-up is different, so you might find some powers work best in some places! Are there lots of long and straight corridors? Try the Burning Beam! Feeling a little claustrophobic? Open things up using the truly Terrifying TNT! Are there lots of nooks and crannies? Try Taming Touch! Play with power-ups to find a strategy that works for you!

PAC-MAN is out now on the Minecraft Marketplace!


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