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  • Thomas (SPDarklord)

How to Train Your Dragon Changelog

Updated: May 26, 2021

We have been busy catching and smashing bugs and tweaking the bolts in Minecraft How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD); read on to find out what we’ve done!

Update 1.0.1

Welcome to the update changelog for HTTYD, which we have given the catchy name "Patch 1.0.1".

New Features:

  • We have made it clearer what the "Saddle breaker" (the item for releasing dragons back into the wild) does, we have also made it so you now get a warning prompt to confirm!

  • You can now fly into the backboard while completing the "Dragon Racing Preparations" to knock shop into the basket, hopefully, it's a soft landing!

  • We have added five translations to HTTYD (or as they known in the business "localized languages") meaning you can play in one of the following languages:

    • German - Deutsche(Germany)

    • Spanish - Español(Mexico)

    • French - Français(France)

    • Japanese - Nihongo (Japanese)

    • Portuguese - Português Brasileiro (Brazil)


  • We fixed the bug where "Snoutlout's Challenge" flags and "Start Balloons" did not spawn on some islands, this affected some devices.

  • We made it less likely that Light Fury would disappear if not tamed in the trapper fort.

  • We also added a backup for if Lightfury has disappeared (consider it a game of dragon hide and seek), you should never be without a Light Fury!

  • We fixed the bug that stopped trapper ships sometimes not being marked as complete even though all of the turrets were destroyed, go get them trappers!

  • We fixed the issue where some players would get a message telling them to return home to Berk after defeating Eret's Fort instead of the trapper fort.

  • We fixed an issue where "DROP" would sometimes get stuck on a players screen.

  • We fixed "clipping" on Snoutlout & Fishlegs skins when wearing armour.

  • We improved the dragon car wash (aka the system we use to clean paint off dragons) so that after dismounting a dragon they do not keep their paint/team colour.

  • We fixed an issue where players who stand near someone getting on a dragon would see the dragon controls and health for a second.

  • We fixed an issue on Stormcutter's trail where textures flickered slightly. This is known as z-fighting, and we do not support z-fighting.

How do I get support for any other issues?

If you are facing any issues or have any questions join our discord, visit the known-bugs-faq channel, then ask in the support channel.


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