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  • Mysterious Entity

Enter the Voidlands

There used to be a World, you know? Seriously! A big old world, right here, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Must've been gazillions of blocks, all over the shop! You looked under some blocks and BAM, more blocks! It was absurd, really.

That was then, though.

Now all that is left is The Void, The Totem and You.

Welcome to Voidlands Dimension— a skyblock that is not for the faint of heart. The Void is ceaseless, the Totem is demanding, and you? You will die. Probably over and over again. That's ok though, we all make mistakes.

The Void sends these monsters, you see. Not the normal zombie and skeleton shebang you're used to— oh no— these monsters are twisted. Always thinking. A dark corruption that aims to spread and conquer your reality. They lurk in the shadows. They're always watching... until they're ready to strike.

So have fun!

Don't get too discouraged, however. Before my defeat, I constructed a Totem. It cares little about you or me, but within, it holds the power to slowly stitch this world back together. Give the Totem everything you are, and in return, it will give you everything.

So respect the Totem.

Upgrade the Totem.

Forgive the Totem.

Love the Totem.

Fear the Totem.

Hate the Totem.

Restore the Totem.

Because, quite frankly, the Totem is all you have left. Whatever it demands, it is your job to fulfil. Whatever it needs, it is your duty to provide. Only when the totem stands tall does your reality have a chance to fight back against The Void.

Eventually, perhaps after an eternity or two, you will find a source of The Void's corrupt presence. The monsters will be overwhelming. The world will be shifting and morphing around you. The air will be thick with smog and death. But you will persist. You will survive. You will get this world back on track. I believe in you. Because let's face it, someone has to.


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