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Denmart Catalogue

Updated: May 13, 2021

Come one, come all! It is the grand opening of Denmart, and your home will never look the same again!

In our new map, Home Decorating, you get an all-you-can can eat pass to all of Denmart's fantastic new products. Here's a breakdown of everything they have to offer. All products can be found in-store, in the creative inventory, or by using our Denmart Delivery service.



Need some new tech? Denmart has the hottest new gadgets! They're not literally hot though, we fixed the spontaneous combustion issues weeks ago.

The "Appliance" box has various gadgets and gizmos.



Every Minecrafter needs a bathroom! In civilised Minecraft worlds, it's normal to have a dedicated room for you to pretend to poop in.



Our beds come with a twelve-month phantom-free guarantee! They're much blockier than most of our products too, this means that they cannot be moved or rotated.

Each type of bed comes in four delicious colours. They can be found in seperate boxes.


Living Room

Rest and relax in your communal living space. Try throwing up some paintings too to add a splash of culture to your life. Or chill out on your favourite couch whilst you catch up with the latest Gamemode One blog posts.

Chairs and Tables come in five different styles each.

Colourful chairs have 4 variants, but there are 16 bonus variants if you apply carpet.



Store, prepare, and cook your food! (We are not responsible for any poisonous potatoes). Combine these kitchen objects with those found in the "Appliances" section.

All Denmart counters have fitted counter-counterfeiting encounter counters. You can count on our authentic spruce wood fittings.



Denmart has you covered, both inside and outside your home. Just invite us to your home-warming barbecue, ok?

Please... we haven't left Denmart in years.

Our vehicles have "gotta go fast". Hahaha, we're so down with the kids.



Brighten up your home to scare off the monsters. You can place a torch inside a piece of furniture to make it emit light (we suspect this rudimentary technology may have been the cause of that spontaneous combustion issue).



No home is complete without random knick-knacks; Denmart even has you covered there, too. Check out the "Details" box for stuff like vases, potted plants and various other pieces of useless junk. I err, I mean priceless antiques. Yeah.

The "Details" box contains 17 pretty but pretty pointless decorations.


Alright, that's about everything, phew that sure is a lot of stuff! Thank you for shopping at Denmart. We wish you luck in your decorating endeavours.

Also, no refunds.

Denmart: The only store in town.


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