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Bloom: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 13, 2021

We hope you've been enjoying Bloom, our brand new map which is available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace. We've compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions to help you on your way. So this is that, the list.

Q: What are Bloom's controls on my device?

A: Here's an infographic which shows the button you use for each tool in Bloom:

So, for example, to interact with the menus, you would have to tap once on mobile.

Q: How do I get trimmings? / Why aren't my pruners working?

A: You use the Pruners to collect trimmings from plants. You can do this by interacting with the plant every 5 minutes. Please see the above infographic for the exact controls. You can only trim "flowery" plants— you cannot get trimmings from grass or hedges.

Q: How do I find all of the plants?

A: The Royal Atrium tracks how many plant species you have grown. It does not track different colour variants of plants, just their species. Explore each area to find different plants. Clear all the clutter from an area to cause a rare plant to spawn! The Royal Atrium will only count the plant once it is fully grown, so keep planting and tending to your garden.

Remember that there's no rush, just garden at your own pace and one day you will be complete!

Q: How do I turn grass into dirt, or dirt back into grass? A: Use the shears to turn grass blocks into dirt blocks and use the watering can to turn them back! To turn prepared soil back into dirt, use the mattock. Q: Can I make more chests? Can I make more planters/fences?

A: You cannot make more chests, but there's plenty of storage in the shed and the greenhouse. The library can show you all of the things you can create — but you can't create more planters or fences. If you need more planting space, shear some grass blocks and use the ground. Q: Help! I have cleared all the clutter but need more resources for upgrades!

A: Deep in the Arcane Hollow you'll find the Transmutation Station. Check the recipe book for what you can create! Make sure to bring some Magical Pollen! Q: What is the goal?

A: Create a pretty garden! Decorate your house! Explore the far reaches of the wild. Grow at least one of each plant and access the Final Forest. Do what you want though, there's no particular end-goal.

Q: How do I open up the gate in the Royal Atrium? A: You need to grow at least one of each plant. See the next question for more help!

Q: What plants do I need to complete the Royal Atrium?

A: You must fully grow at least one of each plant species. This does not mean you have to grow all of the different colours. The plant species are: Bromeliad, Hyacinth, Cattail, Sunflower, Hydrangea, Rose, Bleeding Heart, Agave, Foxglove, Lilacs, Mushroom, Glowshroom, Triostar, Spiderwort, Prince of Orange, and Monstera.

Some plants are rare and have to be unlocked by clearing out clutter in certain areas.

Q: I can't find the last piece of clutter in one of the areas! Where is it? A: I wish it were that easy! I can assure you that all the needed clutter does indeed exist, but some are just harder to find than others! Look out for pesky small rocks, and try going into third person to see the area with a new light.

Q: Is it multiplayer?

A: Yes! All you need is friends! So I've only ever played it in singleplayer :( But my colleagues have informed me that it does work in multiplayer and is even more fun. Now if only they'd invite me to their games...

Q: Will you make Bloom into a texture pack? Can I use Bloom art or assets on a different world? A: We're so happy to hear that you enjoy the map and all of it's art! All assets are only useable on the provided world, as the Minecraft Marketplace does not support mod content. We also won't be turning Bloom into a texture pack, especially as many of the textures are for custom blocks and items, rather than vanilla features. The world, and all the art, is very tailored for the experience.

Q: What do the gnomes do? A: You... you see those things too?! Oh thank the lord, I thought I was the only one! I'm pretty sure they don't do anything except bring you endless joy and delight. See if you can find them all, there's one hiding in each area!

Q: Where can I go for help? A: You can join our community Discord server right here! Our community manager Chinara will be happy to answer all of your questions :)

Q: Is there anywhere I can read awesome blogs about Gamemode One's content?

A: Wow I am so glad you asked! I've written about a lot our stuff on our blog, which you can find here. It's a great place to start if you want to learn more about any of our games ^-^


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