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Advanced Mining: Out Now!

Updated: May 13, 2021

The once-proud town of Burtston is now all sad and rusty. Nedwick Burtsdale, the mayor, was not very successful and the industries left. The residents spend all day just standing around reminiscing over what Burtston was like back in the good ol' days.

Well, luckily for them, a new mining company is coming to town! Now they can stand around all day buying resources from you, instead. Hurray! Can you bring forth a second golden age for the residents and make yourself rich in the process?

In Advanced Mining, take control of humongous world-destroying machines to chomp through the terrain in search of rare and valuable new ores. Then, mix and meld minerals into shiny products to sell. Just follow these three simple steps!


Throw away your pickaxe, like, how does anyone even use them things? These amazing machines cut through stone like shears through leaves.

The Burrower: The Burrower is as cute as it is cheap, and the perfect starting point for your mining empire. Is it the fastest? Well, no. But in the wise words of Nedwick Burtsdale "Sometimes the most useless thing is actually the best. Vote for me. Please. Guys, c'mon I'll do good I swear."

The Driller: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. That's the sound the Driller makes when it's munching through rock. Well, it doesn't actually… it's more of a GRRRRRRRR noise. But ermm, anyway, the Driller is faster, stronger and less friendly. I'm sure you know the drill.

The Crusher: BREAKER OF MOUNTAINS; DEVOURER OF WORLDS; ANNIHILATION INCARNATE. The Crusher makes stone wish it was never sedimented. If it was in a band it would be called "Bedrock Breakers" and it would be the heaviest of heavy metal. Their music would sound dreadful but it would sell out stadiums anyway. That's how cool the Crusher is. It's fast, it's furious and it is ready to rock your world.


Gathering ores is great fun, but unfortunately, the townspeople don't wanna buy your raw resources. Luckily, your robotic friend C.L.Y.D.E has kitted out a factory for you to process materials.

The Refiner extracts gems from ore and makes them sparkle. Burtston's resident grumpy old man Barnabas loves shiny gemstones almost twice as much as he loves his wife. You'll make a real killing if you snag yourself a bunch of those.

The Smelter is like a furnace but seventeen times hotter. Mass-melt your minerals and then combine ingots to make cool new alloys. Copper and tin are fine and dandy but if you combine them into bronze, Alphonze and Betty will be sparking with joy. Hey, is there something off about those two?

Scoop up some oil and tar and let The Distiller bubble away. Instead of crude old oil, distill yourself some petrol, diesel or gasoline; the stuff modern empires are made from. When you go and sell your fuel, don't let Doyle's scary appearance scare you, he can be a real sweetheart.

Mix things up with The Mixer. Crush gravel into clay and you'll be okay. Merge minerals to make new types of blocks. Tegan and Sara are in the market to buy as much concrete as they can, maybe this "Dwarven Construction Company" is working on something?


Thanks to the infinite power of Ned Coins, this world is yours. Upgrade your machines to make them even more of a health and safety hazard. Want to zippy zoom in your Burrower or light the dark around your Driller? The Mother of all Machines, or M.O.M-E, can help you pimp out your ride. Using the Roller, you can even pave new roads.

Burtston changes as your company grows. The revolution is happening, and it is all thanks to you. In the town hall, Nedwick Burtsdale is awfully distracted by his rock collection. Maybe if you help him finish it he'll actually get back to actually governing. I kinda doubt it, though. He's more likely to get distracted by something shiny.

So what do you think? If you want mining to be more advanced, this is the map for you. And hay, if you'd rather plough plots than level land, check out our last map in the series, Advanced Farming.

Mine, refine, design and watch the world come alive. Advanced Mining is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace.


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