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Advanced Mining: Explorer Update

Updated: May 13, 2021



*beep beep*

Shhh. Hear that?

*beep beep beep*

It sounds like one of those fancy new BROWZR robots! What don'tcha know? In the brand new free update to Advanced Mining, the world-renowned archaeologist, Archibald von Sullivan, has set up shop!

Apparently, Burston is built upon an ancient network of remarkably magical caves. Our little town, who woulda thought it huh? Archibald arrived and sent out his cute little robot friends to go and survey the underground, but it seems like the poor things have gone and gotten themselves lost!

*beep beep beep*

There it is again! I'm sure of it! It sounds like it's coming from deep underground. I wonder what kinda cave the robot has discovered? It could be in any one of the stunning new locations in this update.


Dripstone was recently uncovered after a rockslide in the quarry. The cavernous space is covered with stalagmites and stalactites, the only hints of the ancient lake that used to be here. It's damp, cramped and a little bit spooky, but the perfect place for a rookie explorer. Don't forget your torches!

Fungal Forest

The strange soil here led to a fungal forest quickly spreading outwards. Perhaps one day it'll spread to the world above and threaten the dominance of plant life. The Myconid live here; strange and shy sapient fungi. It is their home, so try not to cause too much damage with that big ol' drill of yours. They've also been known to give valuable resources to above-worlders like us, so that's one more reason not to destroy their homes!

Oil Pots

It's thought that the Oil Pots were originally discovered by the Great Dwarven Empire. They constructed a rather extravagant oil-extraction system. After they found a more reliable resource for energy, this site fell into disuse. There's still plenty of oil free for the taking for you to fuel up with, though! Just try not to take any unexpected swims.

The Crystal Caverns

The Crystal Caverns are a place of legend. Wizards of old considered them to be the very centre of the magical realm, whatever that means. Now that magic has faded from the world, the crystal caverns have faded too. It's dark, cold, dangerous and not an ideal vacationing spot.

Sounds easy right? Rescue the silly robots, repair the ancient machines, and get rich. Well just a word of warning, there are new monsters lurking below too! From the vicious Crystalus, an ancient construct of earth and magic, to the timid gem-eating Metabiter, each monster provides a new challenge.

The Advanced Mining: Explorer Update is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace!


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