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Superheroes: A first look

The world is in crisis. Somewhere in the shadows, the mysterious Mind Controller has taken control of all of the heroes and villains throughout the city.

And you, the humble player, are the only one left immune to his powers. That is except for Sir Improbable of course- but he's too busy at headquarters. After all, someone has to water the plants!

Fly, fight, and survive in a world that has turned against you. Switch between five superpowered superhero suits, and channel your ultimate ability. It's going to take all that you've got to defeat the league of rampant heroes. Only you can uncover the mystery of their past and safeguard the future of the city.

In our most ambitious project to date, become a superhero to zoom, drive, teleport and glide through the city. Track down the foes causing chaos, uncover the world's hidden lore, and make Sir Improbable proud. It's all up to you now.

Superheroes, coming soon to the Minecraft Marketplace!

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